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Part of a rapidly reducing workforce of GPs in the UK. Unique symptom checker for General Practice. How to do great stuff in EMIS Web.

Web work

Simple HTML websites, as an interest. Learning as I go along. A pleasant distraction from the day job. Keeping the mind active.

Random stuff

Still trying to make an overwhelmingly positive and enduring impression on life, the universe and everything.


Brief notes about me

Ever wonder why getting an appointment with a family doctor is rather difficult these days? Part of an endangered species in the NHS.

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Trying to survive the irresponsible, idiotic and frankly dangerous policies of successive governments, all aimed at destroying General Practice and with it, the entire NHS.

When not getting bogged down with work, or getting confused with code, lives a quiet village life, foraging for nuts and berries with loving wife, 2.5 children and 2.0 dogs. And trying to be a little bit creative.

    Notable dates (for those with short memories)

  • 1997: New Labour voted in
  • 2004: New GP contract - with a clause enabling government to impose changes with 12 weeks 'consultation'*
  • 2008: Labour exploit the clause* and impose contract forcing GPs to work 12 hour days to regain lost funding (extended hours)
  • 2013: Conservatives exploit the clause* and impose contract leading to funding cuts and increased workload chasing spurious targets
  • 2015: Conservatives win election and promise 8 till 8 opening 7 days a week (extended access)
  • 2016: Jeremy Hunt plans to impose contract on Junior Doctors in bid for
  • 2017: Jeremy Hunt and Prime Minister deny claims by Red Cross that NHS is suffering a humanitarian crisis despite clear evidence of worst winter performance on record
  • 2018: Extended access starts, funded at twice the cost of daytime General Practice - talk about marginal voters skewing priorities
  • 2019: New GP contract forces practices to join together to form networks - the phrase 'stapling turkeys together doesn't make you an eagle' comes to mind

* Clause was only to be used in state of national emergency!

Web work


ivy grove

Surgery website, responsive design, littered with patient self-care, information videos and a unique symptom checker, visit ivygrove.org.uk

ivy grove

Promotional website for collective of practices in Amber Valley, links to rotas and organisational meetings minutes, visit ambervalleyhealth.com

custom videos

Making a difference, one practice at a time, with customised animated videos for practice waiting rooms, visit ivy.gs/custom

Random stuff

NHS plans revealed
5 into 7 doesn't go
It's a virus...
The uncomfortable truth
Reflection made simple
MP waiting times
Christmas Eve patients #1
Christmas Eve patients #2
Christmas Eve patients #3

Mildly amusing

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